It’s time to move your dollars at home to City Bank. Every time you return from abroad, deposit up to USD 10,000 into your RFCD (Resident Foreign Currency Deposit) account at City Bank with minimum ease. This deposit option is available for your past foreign trips also, in case you forgot to deposit earlier. Now is the perfect opportunity to build your own savings base in US dollars.


Deposit up to USD 10,000 any time without declaration

Freely transferable abroad

To learn more about RFCD Account, call our dedicated hotline 09617116234

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  • Age: At least 18 years
  • Nationality: Bangladeshi (must be resident)
  • Features
    • Attractive interest rate (respective currency benchmark rate + 1.5%)
    • Freely transferable abroad
    • Open in the form of US Dollar, Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar & Singaporean Dollar
    • Deposit up to USD 10,000 or its equivalent without declaration
    • Deposit over USD 10,000 or its equivalent with proper FMJ declaration
    • Debit Card available Supplementary Debit Card (max 2) available
    • Avail international Credit Card against account balance
    • Supplementary Credit Card (max 2) available
    • Carry up to USD 5,000 cash of your account balance during your next abroad travel
    • Freely convertible to local currencies

    *Conditions Apply

    • Payment of international mobile roaming bills
    • Remit children's tuition fees & living expenses abroad
    • Purchase airline tickets
    • Pay medical bill abroad
    • Send international seminar attendance fees
    • Payment of International Credit Card bills
    Required Documents
    • Passport (along with visa page, departure, and arrival seal)
    • Photograph – 2 Copies
    • Nominee photograph – 1 Copy
    • Nominee's NID/Birth certificate/Passport
    • E-TIN

    *Bank may ask any additional document if required so.