We are a market leader in innovative, landmark deals, multi-jurisdiction solutions and sophisticated product structuring for corporate and institutional clients.

We hold leading positions in fixed income local currencies and loan syndications. Our in-depth understanding of the local regulatory framework in the domestic debt and loan markets, product expertise and wide geographic reach can help you achieve your financing and investment objectives.

Debt Capital Markets

Our proven knowledge, product capabilities and global reach make us well-suited to match investor's needs with the funding requirements of international and domestic issuers.

Asset Backed Securities

We structure, arrange and distribute asset-backed and future flow transactions for clients and our track record of innovative deals puts us at the forefront of developing securitization markets in our footprint.

Credit Derivatives

We offer investment tools and a range of local currencies to provide structured asset solutions to meet specific investment needs, achieve target yields on your portfolio and manage risk exposure.

Convertible Bonds / Equity Derivatives

Our convertible bonds and equity derivatives teams open avenues of financing and investing linked to the equity asset class - all underpinned by local market knowledge, deep client relationships and innovation