Our currency is not fully convertible thus it is not traded across the world. Our currency BDT is traded in our local market and this market is regulated as per our foreign exchange regulation and central bank core risk management guidelines.

The City Bank PLC. is very active in the inter-bank USDBDT market and one of the leaders among the local private banks. City Bank treasury provides market information and competitive price in USDBDT. It has wide source of foreign currency through its Exporter, Exchange Houses and different local and multinational corporate customers. Its dedicated local currency desk is designed to provide tailor made solution for USDBDT trade.

Spot & Forward both are used to manage foreign exchange risk. Forwards, especially in our economy where our local currency BDT devalues periodically against USD, is very popular among the importer to hedge BDT devaluation risk.

Major Currency Spot & Forward

City Bank also well equipped to price world major currency spot & forward price. City Bank treasury is connected to the international market quotes very competitive prices on world major currency spot & forwards.