A leading provider of cost-efficient, lease-based and asset-based financing solutions to businesses in Bangladesh, we can create and tailor the right structured solutions for your business needs in order to enhance shareholder's wealth and your market competitiveness. These solutions include:

Structured financing solutions

Principal to principal structured capital market transactions optimizes investment returns and reduces effective funding costs.


This normally involves getting a group of banks together (forming a syndicate) to provide the loan amount required by the customer under a set of common terms and conditions laid down in a loan agreement.

Choose City Bank and you gain access to full loan origination, distribution and trading capabilities, together with an unrivalled ability to match lenders and borrowers. Our leadership position and world class distribution capability result from the team's ability to read the market, and to provide superb sell down coverage.

Local know-how

Our intimate knowledge of the diverse industries as well as understanding and working with regulatory bodies, means we can provide you with a solution designed solely to meet your needs.

We also partner our clients to arrange syndicated loan facilities for project finance, aircraft finance, structured trade and acquisition financing including leveraged buy-outs.

We have been successful in loan capital raisings for financial institutions, real estate development, hotels, telecoms, institutional banking and finance, public utility, oil and petroleum, light manufacturing and food sectors.

Your partner for success

We have a proven track record in devising innovative capital-raising structures that exceed our clients' expectations. Our tailored solution for your business could include:

  • Working capital and corporate funding.
  • Commodity and trade finance.
  • Islamic structures.
  • Project finance.
  • Structured, complex and tax-efficient capital raisings.