Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance

Our Online Supply Chain Finance solutions are designed to finance the short-term working capital requirements of SME suppliers. City Bank will finance all the selected invoices of the supplier which are approved by the corporate buyer against the supplies of goods and services. The finance provided under the program is a general working capital facility which is linked to the receivables of the supplier.

With our Supply Chain Finance solutions, you will be able to balance your organization's cash management and working capital goals.

Our solutions can support different payment-term strategies for different groups of suppliers. It will surely lower the cost of goods and services, and reduce your supply chain liquidity risk as well.

City Supply Chain Finance Platform

City Supply Chain Finance is a set of technology-based business and financing processes that link the various parties in a transaction: the buyer, seller and financing institution - to lower financing cost and improve business efficiency.


Buyer's/ Anchor's Benefits
  • Straight forward supplier payment on due Date
  • Increases cash flow substantially
  • Creates opportunity for expanding businesses
  • Increases buyer's credibility to its suppliers
  • Creates good relationship with suppliers
  • Paperless operation saves time and money
  • Buyers create banking access for their suppliers without any collateral
  • Easy Integration with existing ERP
  • Reduces supplier payment costs by using VEEFIN
  • Supplier's Benefits
    • Cheaper source of working capital
    • Increases business volume to more than double
    • Instance Financing ensures procuring raw material at lower price
    • Enhance the buying capacity of suppliers
    • Fast access to invoice financing through Online Platform
    • Bridge the gap of slow/Delay  payments
    • Minimum documentation
    • No property mortgage/collateral Free 
    • No Physical bill submission and collection
    • User friendly apps for invoice submission and fund request
    • Zero follow up to the buyer for payments
    • A bundle of Financing opportunity under one Umbrella